J.O.IN Orlando (Jewish Outreach INitiative)

is an innovative and vital new project in Orlando, FL, created to help ensure the continued growth and success of the Orlando Jewish community. J.O.IN Orlando was founded in August by three young families from NY with one simple mission – β€œTo strengthen and support the Orlando Jewish community by engaging, educating and enriching the lives of every Jewish person, regardless of background or affiliation. J.O.IN. is non-congregational, and endeavors to help all individuals attain a deeper relationship with their privileged heritage through Torah-study, Socio-religious events and a connection to the land of Israel.”

J.O.IN has created many new and exciting programs, while also assisting the existing organizations in their efforts to build a stronger Jewish community. We aim to enable every Jewish person the opportunity to understand and appreciate an exciting and relevant Judaism meaningful to their daily lives.